Emotional Energy Clearing

CathyMc_13Do you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD; feel as though something is affecting how you think, the choices you make and how successful you will become? Are you suffering from sleep issues, relationship issues or do you feel disconnected from others? Emotionally charged events from your past could still be haunting you in the form of trapped emotions. These emotional energies can exert a dramatic effect on your bodies’ energy field which could be a contributing factor to any of  the issues mentioned above.

Emotions are part of who we are, impacting our thoughts and beliefs. We experience them on a day to day basis, but unfortunately, not all  emotions we feel are positive, many are considered negative and often become trapped in our energy fields causing imbalances. The Emotion Code (EC) technique allows us to  find  emotional energy imbalances from past events and clear them. This allows the body to have the conditions it needs to heal or make the physical/emotional issue more manageable.

The Emotion Code is a simple, safe, gentle and a powerful method for finding and releasing these trapped emotional energies, bringing your energy field back into balance, thus allowing you to live a healthier, happier life!

During a session, nothing needs to be discussed that you wish to remain private.

“Your old mistakes and missteps don’t have to hold you back or interfere with your emotions and your life for even one more day.” ~ Dr. Bradley Nelson

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