Encouragement the Functional Medicine Health Coach Way

Thank you for elaborating on what’s been going on in your life since we last spoke. I appreciate your honesty, change isn’t easy. I’m not here to judge you, as a health coach my commitment is to YOU, helping YOU meet your goals one step at a time. If it’s a mountain we have to climb, we climb it together side by side. 🙂

You indicated you didn’t want to disappoint me because you felt you had not taken any steps to reach your present goal. I would like to acknowledge that you have done many things, which were outlined in your email.  Contacting support regarding the diet you are interested in following, making bone broth, planning to ferment veggies, printing off some recipes and the menu plan, those are all GREAT things, something to celebrate.  Well Done!!! If you need any advice on bone broth or fermented veggies I can assist with that, I’ve made both and they have turned out well. If you’d like I can share some recipes?

When you feel like implementing the diet, I can help you navigate the plan or assist if that’s something that would prove beneficial? I’m always here to help in any way if and when you would like my assistance.

That’s wonderful news about your friend calling to do water aerobics. In a past session, you mentioned the social aspect of exercise, which was something I was planning to explore with you today in our session, interesting how things turn out. Looks like an ideal opportunity has fallen into your lap, awesome! 🙂 You obviously like water from what you have mentioned in the past, so this sounds like a perfect exercise/movement activity for you, one that won’t put extra strain on your knees or back.

I look forward to our next session and hearing more about these action steps. Keep up the great work!!!

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