Embracing Change – Finding Stillness

I’m generally one to accept change as I believe it’s the only constant in life, but when it comes to switching seasons from fall to winter I fight it, dreading the months of cold and darkness ahead. This year I decided it was time to try an experiment and try and see things from a different perspective. This year’s first snowfall caught myself and many others by surprise, in a few short overnight hours winter was here. 🙁 In an attempt to be fully present in the moment I pulled out my winter wear and headed out for an early morning walk. It’s truly amazing how a fresh blanket of snow changes everything, Mother Nature at its finest.  It was a very peaceful walk, the only sounds were my footsteps and the snow as it landed on my jacket. The experience was a wonderful practice in mindfulness, offering a sense of stillness and clarity. I guess winter isn’t so bad after all…although ask me in a couple months or when the temperature drops to -30 my opinion may have changed. 😉

What did I learn from this experience? It’s far better to embrace change, fighting it is draining mentally, physically and spiritually.  Changing our lens and how we look at things paints a whole new picture.

Change isn’t an easy process for most, we like the familiarity and comfort of things staying the same. With change comes uncertainty and stepping into the unknown.

What changes in your life do you battle? Are you willing to push those boundaries, take a small step into the unknown and see what follows?

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