Women’s Health in the 21st Century

Over the decades we as women have taken on more roles compared to our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. 21st-century women have a lot of balls in the air, juggling more than is practical, burning the candle at both ends in an attempt to find our identity and place in the world.  We are more often than not, in essence, working three jobs; managing a household, raising kids and working outside the home, leaving us wired and tired. Because we care and are nurturing individuals we often take care of others before we take care of our own personal needs. We are running on adrenaline, in a constant state of fight or flight, attempting to please everyone and screaming at our family only to regret it later. This is not an ideal state to support our mental, emotional or spiritual health, the core of functional medicine. It’s time to change our perspective and take back our health, starting with our breath. Deep diaphragm breathing will trigger our vagus nerve engaging our parasympathetic nervous system leading to a state of peace and calm. Yoga, qigong, tai chi, and meditation are other methods that use breath work bringing you to the present moment and your breath. What technique are you willing to incorporate into your life starting today?

I recently saw this ted talk by Dr. Libby Weaver, take the next 18 and ½ minutes for yourself and listen to her talk, you’re worth it!


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