A New Year .. A New You!

Interesting how we always pick this time of the year to make “New Year’s Resolutions”, is it the post-holiday binge, a year that didn’t meet expectation, a desire to become a healthier version of YOU, regardless of the reason here we find ourselves at the start of 2018.  A client recently reframed the New Year’s Resolution idea with A New Year…A New Me!!! I thought that was a brilliant way to change the stigma around resolutions to something positive. Try saying the two out loud and see how each one feels…what do you notice? Change Me to your name if that resonates better with you.

With the best intentions in mind, we have all made or known someone who declares their New Year’s Resolution only to quickly learn that sustainable behavior change isn’t as simple and easy as it appears. What is it that prevents us from reaching that goal? It could be any number of things such as the need for an accountability partner, losing sight of what you wish to accomplish, not seeing results, a mountain to climb with no guide or life gets in the way. Then there is the time frame research has shown it takes to form a new habit. The thought of it taking anywhere from 2 months to a year to build a new behavior can be daunting for many. Could you shift your focus away from how long it’s going to take to form a new habit of what exactly is my long-term vision/goal?  From there figure out what steps you need to take to begin that journey, accepting where you are at but yet knowing where you want to go. Keeping in mind there will often be obstacles or mistakes along the way that are completely normal and a part of the process, consider these learning opportunities. We are not chasing perfect, it doesn’t exist, chasing the best version of you is a lot more realistic, don’t you think? If you stumble along the way, so what start again, if you need an ally or cheerleader find one that resonates with you and your needs.

What does your New You look like? What is he/she wearing? What is he/she doing? How will you become that person?

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