Hope…a sense of optimism about the future or a situation. Believing things will turn out for the best. Hope can help us during our darkest moments, life struggles, hardships and adversity. It’s a strength we all have to varying degrees and never something we want others in our circle to diminish or take away.

My strength of hope was recently challenged when our diabetic cat went missing. Having grown up on a farm he is a good hunter so finding a food source was not going to be an issue; it was the lack of insulin shots twice daily and water that was of concern. With each passing day, my hope for his safe return dwindled until there came a point that I was convinced he wasn’t coming back and it was time to let go. The not knowing was the most difficult. There were those that believed he would return, that he was out exploring the area now that warm weather had arrived. Their strength of hope and faith was obviously stronger than mine at that moment.

Fifteen days after his disappearance I received a phone call from a neighbor saying our cat was on their deck having a seizure…this happens when his blood sugar drops too low. We were absolutely surprised and thrilled that he was found. Where was he all this time? What was he surviving on? Where did he hide for sheltered during inclement weather? What stories could he tell? All unanswered questions, BUT he was home safe and sound. Despite his seizure and significant weight loss, he was uninjured and very hungry.

A true test of hope and faith!

Where have you lost hope and faith?

“Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to!” ~Miracle on 34th Street~

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