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Functional Medicine Health Coaching Packages

Free Discovery Session
30 minutes

Wellness 5

Wellness 5

5 sessions

  • 1 Foundation session
  • 4 Follow up sessions
  • $350

Wellness 10

Wellness 10

10 sessions

  • 1 Foundation Session
  • 9 Follow up Sessions
  • $625

What’s a session like?

Foundation session

A foundation session is 45 to 60 minutes in length. In this time we continue to build the coach/client relationship, getting to know you better and finding out what’s important to YOU as a client. What goals do YOU have and how as a coach can I best help you meet those goals? There is often homework given if as a team we decide a certain tool from my expansive toolbox would be useful.

Follow up sessions

The follow-up sessions are 30 to 40 minutes in length. In these sessions we review the goals you have set out for yourself in previous sessions, checking progress and whether we need to modify or build on those goals. If there was homework we follow up on that. Together we continue to figure out what works best for YOU and what action steps are required to get there.

In Between

You will receive an email highlighting the action steps you wish to take prior to our next session, this email may include homework or reference material we have discussed that you were interested and had agreed upon. I am available via email between sessions if there is a success you would like to share or need on the spot coaching, I do ask that you keep it brief. I will aim to respond to your email within 24 hours of receiving it.

How can I connect with my Functional Medicine Health Coach?

Sessions are available:

In person
Over the phone
Through a secure online platform.

We create a weekly, biweekly, monthly schedule as appropriate to client and health requisites.

payment options:


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