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You may have heard rumors of Life Coaches, Business Coaches, and Mind-body medicine. Where does health coaching fit in and Why would I want one?

Health coaching will not only help you set your health goals; they will help you reach them. A health coach will NOT tell you what to do, they will guide you, meeting you where you are at, holding a place of compassion and empathy. They understand change is no easy task and will respect your reasons for desiring change or not wanting to change. Change can feel like an impossible mountain to climb, one you have tried and feel you have failed at. Through the eyes of a coach, there are no failures, only obstacles and barriers that hinder progression. Together as a team, we will figure out how to overcome those challenges that prevent you from reaching your health goals. YOU are the center of the coaching experience holding all the answers to your personalized health journey. You know what to do, but require motivation and a starting point, someone who sees your strengths.

The process of health coaching is a journey of self-discovery. Through motivational interviewing, character strengths, SMART goals and actively listening to your unique story health coaches will help move you through stages of change allowing you to make sustainable lasting change. They will provide unconditional support, encouragement and accountability. They are in your corner providing support and guidance. Health Coaches believe in you.


Improving your overall health outcome begins with figuring out who you wish to be? Is there someone in your life that embodies your vision of health? Health Coaches are and have helped an increasing number of people ditch unwanted habits and embrace healthier habits so they can become that individual. Whether that is someone full of energy, who has met their weight loss goals, feels and looks great and is living a happy healthy abundant life, coaches will assist you in getting there. They will help you become that person no matter what the health goal is.

Rather than racing to the finish line consider the journey to health a marathon, and in order to run that marathon, it is one step at a time process, as big or as little as you realistically can manage. We all want to jump to the finish line and forgo the middle often what feels like a surmountable effort, but there is a lot to be gained from the journey. In order for sustainable change to be achieved we start with small steps, steps you are able to manage and fit into your already busy life.

Believe in Yourself!
YOU have the ability to succeed!

A certified functional medicine health coach stands right alongside you as you make lifestyle changes to support your health. We provide an individual approach based on your needs: co-creating a plan that is on your terms. All education material provided is evidence and research-based coming from sources within the functional medicine community.

Functional medicine health coaching focuses on these modifiable personal lifestyle factors:

Sleep & Relaxation

Sleep & Relaxation

Rest, reset and rejuvenate, your body will thank you.



It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Eat the colors of the rainbow.

Exercise & Movement

Exercise & Movement

Our bodies are designed to move, find an activity that you love to do and take part in it regularly.

Stress & Relationships

Stress & Relationships

Spend time with those who lift you up, supporting you on this journey called life. Maintain a healthy stress level.

Lifestyle factors are the key to unlocking and reaching your health goals. If one area is out of balance it is very likely others are too. We will focus on those lifestyle factors bringing you back into a state of equanimity. Think of it as pieces of a puzzle, without all the pieces the puzzle is never complete.

Become the Warrior of your own health and let’s build your wellness vision together!




  • "Cathy helped me to recognize how I could make the changes in my life which I knew I need to make but was having trouble actually implementing.  After just a few sessions with Cathy, I made all the changes, but best of all, Cathy made the changes seem easy.  Her relaxed, intuitive style made everything seem simple, and seemingly difficult changes become effortless."

  • “As a functional medicine health coach, Cathy helps my patients achieve the goals I have suggested for them. She can provide step by step guidance and motivation to help patients meal plan, exercise, reduce stress and achieve happiness. It is these behavioural changes that create long-term health and wellness.”

    Dr. Mike Baker
  • "Cathy McIntosh provided me with a very enjoyable and beneficial coaching experience. Cathy brought her warmth, knowledge, and caring to each coaching session. Cathy very patiently helped me clarify my goals and eliminate obstacles to success by creating a safe space and being willing to explore confusing territory. Cathy is respectful, engaging and patient. I would certainly contact her for future coaching and be happy to recommend her to other people."

    Ricki Illes
  • Cathy helped me to identify possible areas of improvement in my life in a safe and encouraging environment.  I appreciated the judgment-free feedback I received and the fact that the focus was on enriching my life by adding to it rather than removing things from it.  She is easy to talk to and I found myself regularly looking forward to our sessions.  Thank you, Cathy.   

  • Cathy has been instrumental in helping deal with anxiety issues and has guided me down the healthy eating path over the last number of months. Highly recommended!

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