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You may have heard rumours of Health Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Mind-body medicine, even spiritual medicine. Where does functional medicine fit in?

Functional Medicine is a whole person approach designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century, placing you at the center of care. You are an individual with individual needs, compartmentalizing your needs into boxes is not how this system works, there is no box. The journey to health is multifactorial, there is no one size fits all solution. In this model of care we ask the question WHY? Why do you have….? What has gone on in your life since birth?  What predisposed factors have contributed to where you are now?

When we plant a tree do we place all our attention on taking care of the leaves and the branches in hopes it will grow into a strong vibrant full grown tree? No we start with the soil making sure it has the right nutrients, moisture and sunlight to grow a strong root system which will inevitably produce a tree that can with stand all that nature will throw at it. The soil and root system of our trees are the modifiable lifestyle factors, sleep, movement, nutrition, stress and relationships. With a strong root system we are able to thrive.

Mountain Stream Wellness – Invermere, BC

Functional medicine is an integrative health care system that seeks to unite all of the professional care givers in your life into an organic team.

A certified functional medicine health coach stands right alongside you as you make lifestyle changes to support your health. We provide an individual approach based on your needs: co-creating a plan that is on your terms. All education material provided is evidence and research-based coming from sources within the functional medicine community.

Functional medicine health coaching focuses on modifiable personal lifestyle factors:

Sleep & Relaxation

Sleep & Relaxation

Rest, reset and rejuvenate, your body will thank you.



It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

Exercise & Movement

Exercise & Movement

Our bodies are designed to move, find an activity that you love to do and take part in it regularly.

Stress & Relationships

Stress & Relationships

Spend time with those who lift you up, supporting you on this journey called life.

Dietary and lifestyle changes are at the core of Functional Medicine interventions. However, if you were to ask anyone who has ever made a New Year’s Resolution you will find that sustainable behavior change is often not as simple or easy as it seems. Through a collaborative approach, partnering with like-minded health practitioners, Health Coaches are transforming healthcare by making prescribed behavior changes more accessible.


  • "Cathy helped me to recognize how I could make the changes in my life which I knew I need to make but was having trouble actually implementing.  After just a few sessions with Cathy, I made all the changes, but best of all, Cathy made the changes seem easy.  Her relaxed, intuitive style made everything seem simple, and seemingly difficult changes become effortless."

  • “As a functional medicine health coach, Cathy helps my patients achieve the goals I have suggested for them. She can provide step by step guidance and motivation to help patients meal plan, exercise, reduce stress and achieve happiness. It is these behavioural changes that create long-term health and wellness.”

    Dr. Mike Baker
  • "Cathy McIntosh provided me with a very enjoyable and beneficial coaching experience. Cathy brought her warmth, knowledge, and caring to each coaching session. Cathy very patiently helped me clarify my goals and eliminate obstacles to success by creating a safe space and being willing to explore confusing territory. Cathy is respectful, engaging and patient. I would certainly contact her for future coaching and be happy to recommend her to other people."

    Ricki Illes
  • Cathy helped me to identify possible areas of improvement in my life in a safe and encouraging environment.  I appreciated the judgment-free feedback I received and the fact that the focus was on enriching my life by adding to it rather than removing things from it.  She is easy to talk to and I found myself regularly looking forward to our sessions.  Thank you, Cathy.   

  • Cathy has been instrumental in helping deal with anxiety issues and has guided me down the healthy eating path over the last number of months. Highly recommended!

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